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Head of the Fish

Here are the coxswain notes from the Regatta Director for Head of the Fish. Note- There are new starting line buoys… Red, Yellow, Green… to indicate your build into the start (Paddle, Build, Full Pressure).


There is a course map on the BHRA Coxswains Only tab- please ask Coach Sarah for the password.


Tail of the Fish

Here are some notes from the Regatta Director… This race will be good practice for the Head of the Fish at the end of October.



Coxswain Magazine

Check it out! A new magazine just for coxswains

They are also on Instagram 

Coxswain Clinic

Mark your calendars…. More info as we get it

Coxswain Clinic on Saturday September 10th!

Burnt Hills Rowing Association

Coming soon…Coxswain Clinic!


Saturday, September 10th at the Burnt Hills Boathouse

More details to come!

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Here is some course information from the Regatta Director for those racing this weekend

All 10 lanes are fullybuoyed. There are WHITE buoys every 20 meters. There are YELLOW buoys every 100 meters, There are GREEN buoys every 250 meters. There are large BEMA buoys on the outside of the course every 500 buoys. The Finish line (exact) is a line of YELLOW buoys. The Finish Line that you must row completely through is a line of big, BEMA buoys at the end of the lanes.

Stake Boats: Are in every lane. You can row between them. Please pass them on the STARBOARD side (Coxswain’s right) of the Stake Boat – especially in Lane Zero.  

All rows to the Start are off the race course. If you have buoys on both sides of you, you are on the course, please get off.

As races approach you, please stop rowing and allow it to pass.  

Time Trials are in Lane 3 & 4. Odd Bow numbers are in Lane 3. Even Bow Numbers are in Lane 4. You will be allowed to get a moving start towards the Starting Line for the Time Trial. Be at full speed by the Line for the best time. We will do everything we can to get you in exact numberical order. We will stick to the schedule and times though.  

Never sit on the Finish Line or hang out just after it. Once your race is done, head to the return docks.

The Starter’s Tower will be behind Lanes 5 & 6. The race starts on the drop of the flag, NOT when you hear the spoken word.

Please review the slides I had sent last night about the Marshals getting boats in order before the Starting Line.

Boats wanting to extend their warm-up can row in a COUNTER CLOCKWISE rotation around 3 big, orange, BEMA buoys along the top 700 meters of the 2k course. When its time to move to the Marshals’ stations, please be ready.

Coxswains – Bow Seats: Should know your their name, Lane, time of race, and have a working watch on them.  

You are responsible for your own bow numbers (except Time Trial #’s which are in your packet). Please return ALL Time Trial Numbers to the Dock Masters.

Bow Balls and heel ties will be checked. Please do this at your trailer to save time at the Dock Area. 

Junior B/C Champs

Some coxing notes from the Regatta Director

Some race information in advance:
  • All starts are Floating Starts.   Crews will be expected to travel past the 1000m mark and turn into their lanes at the 1500m mark.  From there, the Marshals will do their best to have the crews row up to the starting line, all the while trying to get them aligned.  Crews should do their best to help with this process.
  • Where needed, we will use all 10 lanes.  Lanes are numbered 0-9.  Lane 0 is nearest the Lee’s Park side, while Lane 9 is closest to the SRA boathouse.  Crews should have their own bow numbers.
  • The course is fully buoyed.  Crews can row up either side of the course to the 1500m mark.  On the warm-up, a crew can NEVER be in a buoyed lane.  It means you are on the course.  Also, do not hug the shore lines.  There is plenty of room to row up.
  • Lanes & markers:  All Lanes have WHITE buoys every 20 meters.  At every 100 meters you will see a row of YELLOW buoys.  At every 250m you will find a row of GREEN buoys.  The Last 250 meters is fully buoyed with RED buoys every 10 meters.  There are large BEMA buoys outside of every 500 meters, and at the Finish Line there are large/orange Buoys that mark the end of every lane.  Please row completely through these.
  • We have races going off EVERY 10 minutes.  Please clear the Finish Line quickly and head back to your docks asap.  Do not sit on the Finish Line so that the timers can get everyone’s finish order and time correctly.
  • Plan on launching 30 minutes before your race.  Bow Balls out please.